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pregnancy / infant massage treatments


Professional training for pregnancy/prenatal massage has been completed to work with you to develop an effective and safe massage therapy treatment plan for you throughout your pregnancy. This plan will complement the care you are receiving from your healthcare provider (Doctor, Midwife, etc.). Massage is beneficial throughout the entire nine months of the pregnancy. Special precautions are taken while on the massage table, with pillowing, and positioning, in order to provide safe and comfortable care both for mother and baby.

Benefits of Pregnancy/Pre-Natal Massage:
• Neck and back pain relief caused by muscle imbalance and weakness
• Reduce sciatic and sacroiliac pain
• Increase blood and lymphatic circulation, which results in reduced swelling in hands, legs and feet
• Increase relaxation and reduce stress.
• Relief from cramps, spasms, and muscle pain

30 minute massage: $50 ($44.25 + $5.75 HST)
45 minute massage: $65 ($57.52 + $7.48 HST)
60 minute massage: $75 ($66.37 + $8.65 HST)
75 minute massage: $95 ($84.07 + $10.93 HST)
90 minute massage: $110 ($97.35 + $12.65 HST)


Our focus is on teaching parents and caregivers the benefits of providing nurturing touch for their babies. We teach step-by-step techniques in an individual or group format. Massage can be adapted for infants and children of all levels in need.

Benefits of Infant Massage:
• Enhances loving communication and nurturing parenting skills between parent/caregiver and baby.
• Helps relieve gas and colic symptoms
• Promotes better sleep
• Helps stimulate the development and strengthen the digestive, respiratory, and circulatory systems of the body.
• Helps parents understand and respond to baby's non-verbal cues.

Infant Massage Course for parents & caregivers: $50 ($44.25 + $5.75 HST)

All prices include HST • Cash or Cheque Accepted • Gift Certificates Available

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